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Objective and Main Tasks

The strategic development of the Department of Welfare and Social Work is aimed at providing high-quality social work education in the sector of social work, promotion of the prestige of a social worker's profession in society, research, development of international contacts and cooperation.

Main fields of activity

  • Fundamental studies to gain a professional bachelor's degree and a social worker's qualification
  • Master’s studies to gain a professional master's degree
  • Third-level doctoral studies, subdiscipline of social policy and social work organisation (study programme Sociology)
  • Postgraduate professional development studies

Lines of Research

  • Issues regarding the development of social work as a profession, academic discipline and a scientific discipline
  • Social protection and social inclusion: social work with different target groups of social work
  • Social policy, welfare and development of social services
  • Social work in the health care environment

Latest publication – a book compiled by Marika Lotko 


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