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Work experience

2012 - Present


Latvian Council of Higher Education

Higher education policy analyses​​

2013 - Present

Head of the Study Programme

Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare

1977 - Present

Junior researcher, Researcher, senior researcher

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia , Kalpaka bulv. 4, Riga, LV 1050, LATVIA

Sociological research , education and welfare policy analyses , publications​​

2000 - 2016


Latvian Education and science employees’ Trade Union

Education policy analyses, comparative education policy, international relations, international comparative research on social aspects of education​​

2003 - 2013


Liepaja University , Latvia

Teaching sociology , social problems, history of sociology, methods, supervision of students' Thesis​​

1999 - 2003

Visiting lecturer

Riga Stradins University , Latvia

Teaching educational sociology, family sociology, demography, family policy​​

1997 - 2000

Head of Eurydice Unit, civil servant

Ministry of Education and Science , Valnu iela 2, Riga, LV 1050, LATVIA

Education policy research, comparative educational policy analyses , report writing​​


Visiting Professor

Duke University, NC, USA

Teaching, supervision of students' works​​

Education and training

1971 - 1976

Diploma in Philosophy and Sociology, adequate to M.A,

State University of Latvia

1983 - 1988

Doctoral studies

Inst.of Sociology, Academy of Sciences, USSR

Sociology, family policy, statistics, demography


Master of Arts

Academy of Culture

Art theory

2009 - 2012

Doctoral studies

Riga Stradins University

Sociology, social policy



(2016) 6th International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference "Society, Health, Welfare", Riga, November

(2016) Nordic research conference "Ruralities", Akureyri, (2 papers), Iceland, May

(2016) "Participation and Citizenship", Ministry of Interior Affairs, September

(2016) Citizenship and attitudes towards migrants, NGO Forum, Riga, June

(2016) Latvian Diaspora conference, presentation of research results, Riga, July

(2016) Student centred learning and it's implementation in quality assurance, Alcala University, Spain, March

(2016) seminar "Combating female genital mutilation and other harmful practices", London, April

(2015) Conference of Ministers of Higher Education (EI delegation), Erevan, May

(2015) Risks of social exclusion for children left behind – case of Latvia, Marburg, Baltic studies conference, September

(2015) Internat. Conference Initiatives Towards Political, Economic and Social Development of Europe, Kaunas Technology University

(2014) Supportive environment for the Academic personnel – gender analyses, Liepaja university conference.

(2014) Gender Equality perceptions in Latvia, Riga Stradins University

(2013) Alcohol use among adolescents and risks of violent behaviour, Nordic Youth research Conference, Tallinn

(2013) European Sociology Conference, Turin.

(2012) Conference of Ministers of Higher Education, Bucharest (EI delegation)

(2012) Patterns of Health Behaviour of Vocational Education Students in Latvia", internat. conf. Youth in Latvia, Europe, Globe: Opportunities and Risks", June 1-2, Riga.

(2011) presentation and paper "Linking technical and vocational education and training and adult learning to employment". Panel 2 "Key policy initiatives and capacity building of gender mainstreaming: focus on education and training, at UN General Assembly on Commission on the Status of women, New York, February 23, 2011.

(2011) Presentation on good practice on stress reduction activities in teaching profession. International conference The cause of stress for teachers, its effects, and suggested approaches to reduce it, Berlin, November 17-18. (ETUCE in collaboration with OHSA and WHO).

(2011) paper Risk of Social Exclusion After Leaving Out of-Family Institutional Care, at 5th International Sociology Conference, Athens, May 9-11.

(2011) leading a workshop "Nonformal learning of youth from residential care - a push towards new education and life trajectories" at the European Conference "Framework, Quality, and Impact of Young Europeans' Learning Mobility", Budapest, May-11-13.

(2011) paper at the Panel, ESU International Conference, Tallinn, May 2-4.

(2011) paper at the International conference at Riga Stradins University, April 17.

(2011) paper "Gender Equality in education?"; moderator of the working group "Aging and Teaching Profession"; reporting on working group "Teaching competencies; participation in the working group "Girls and women's education" EI 1st World Women' Conference "On the Move for Equality", Bangkok, January 19-23 (Thailand),

(2010) paper "UNESCO Recommendation on Higher education personnel – results in Latvia", EI World conference on Higher Education and Research, Vancouver, September 10-12 (Canada) (included a gender perspective)

(2010) paper on Mapping as a research method in researching social inclusion, conference Society and Culture, Liepaja University

(2011) „Glass ceiling or Gender Scissors in higher education in Latvia", GEW conference "Work-Life Balance and Gender Specific Career Patterns in Higher Education and Research", Berlin, June.

(2009) Gender equity in the academic community in the Baltic countries, Project workshop "Work-Life Balance and Gender Specific Career Patterns in Higher Education and Research", Project meeting, Stockholm, September 28-29.

(2009) leading workshops at ETUCE seminar Gender equality within teacher trade unions' structures

and in the teaching profession, May 25-26.

(2009) ETUCE Project final conference Gender equality within teacher trade unions' structures and in the teaching profession, Rome, October

(2008) „Women in higher education in Latvia", paper for a GEW conference "Work-Life Balance and Gender Specific Career Patterns in Higher Education and Research", Kassel, December.

(2002 – 2012) Regular conferences, workshops and workshops on Gender equality within teacher trade unions' structures and in the teaching profession, organized by ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee on Education) Women's Committee

(2009) paper on Trends education in Latvia during the economical crises, 5th ETUCE/ETUI High level seminar Social Dialogue in education in a Crises Environment, Dubrovnik, September 25-26.

(2009) Youth Unemployment in the Baltic countries; In Conference of the Ebert Foundation "Employment problems in the Baltic countries", Berlin, March 8.

(2009) final conference on project of the PROGESS Programme "Social inclusion of youth after residential care", paper, development of methodology, Brussels (Belgium)

(2009) workshop on Social inclusion of youth after residential care, paper, development of methodology, Milano (Italy)

(2008) Expert meeting on youth policy issues, European Commission, May

Supervised study programme

Rīga Stradiņš University, Professional Master, Full-time studies, Social Work with Children and Youth

Lectured study course

Demographics and family policy


2014-15 EC working groups on Transversal skills, ICT in Education, School policy, delegated by ETUCE

Since 2015 WG1 on monitoring higher education, European Commission (delegated by European Trade Union Committee on Education (ETUCE)

Since 2004 ​National expert, Advisory Committee on Vocational education, European Commission (ACVT)

Since 2006 Ministerial working group (Ministry of Education and Science) on national position in research and innovations for the EU Ministerial Council meetings

2006-2016 Accreditation Committee on Vocational education and training (status of civil servant)

2009-2014 Member of National Tripartite Sub-Council on VET (PINTSA)

2005-2009 Governing Board member, CEDEFOP

2003 – 2010 Nominated Observer, Ministerial management meetings (Ministry of Education and Science)

2000 - 2014 National correspondent for the Youth Research, Council of Europe (PEYR)

2007 - 2009 National correspondent on Youth Policy (EKCYP Network), Council of Europe

Since 2012 Member of Council of Higher Education of Latvia (AIP) (civil servant)

2012 - 2016 Member of Accreditation Committee of higher education programmes and institutions; Member of Licensing Committee of higher education institutions (Ministry of Education and Science)

Since 2013 Vice-President, Higher Education and Research Standing Committee, Education International (HERSC, EI)

Since 2012 ​Member of Advisory Committee on higher education, ETUCE


(2016.) Arendt, D., Crepaldi, I.Trapenciere et als, Technical report on Family policy during the crises; Eurofund.

(2015) I.Trapenciere, Working conditions of academic personnel (in Latvian), 50p.

(2015) I.Trapenciere, Life prospective of youth leaving care (in Latvian), Liepaja, 20p.

(2014) I.Trapenciere, I.Kārkliņa, "Ways of Implementing the EU Directives in Latvia on Violence against Women, Children and Youth: Good Practices and Recommendations", Inst.of Philosophy and Sociology, 75p.

(2012) R.Rungule, I.Koroļeva, I.Trapenciere, et als, Sabiedrības novecošana: sociālā aizsardzība, nevienlīdzība un darba tirgus riski (Aging: social security, inequality and labour market risks), Riga, University of Latvia

(2010) Healthy Vocational Education and Higher Education, Riga, (EEA Project); Eds. (In Latvian)

(2009) Chapter .on education in R. Rungule, I. Koroļeva, I. Trapenciere, et als, Latvijas jaunatnes portrets: integrācija sabiedrībā un marginalizācijas riski, Riga

(2009) Family at the Crossroads, Riga, 267p., Eds.

(2008) Child Abandonment, Torino (1 chapter)

(2007) University and Vocational School Graduates in the Labour Market; (ESF Project), Riga, 262 p. (co- author)

(2007) Reasons and Length of Unemployment and Social Exclusion, (ESF Project), Riga, 539p. (co-author)

(2006) Veselības pakalpojumu pieejamība Rīgā un Vidzemē, R. (Ed. Co-author) (Health Care Accessibility, availability and affordability in Riga and Vidzeme Region, in Latvian)

(2005) Development Programme of Human Resources. Situation in the labour Market in Tukums and Tukums Region. Darba tirgus situācija Tukumā un Tukuma rajonā. ESF Project, 73 p.

Trapenciere, I., (2011) Linking technical and vocational education and training and adult learning to employment. Paper for Panel 2 "Key policy initiatives and capacity building of gender mainstreaming: focus on education and training, at UN General Assembly on Commission on the Status of women, New York, February 23, 2011,

Trapenciere, I., (2011) Risk of Social Exclusion after Leaving Out of-Family Institutional Care, at Sociology Abstract Book From the 5th Annual International Conference on Sociology, 9-12 May 2011, G.T. Papanikos (Ed.), Athens

(2011) Report on Stress in teaching profession in Latvia. Results from the Study on Stress: The cause of stress for teachers, its effects, and suggested approaches to reduce it. ETUCE/EC (2010)

Analytical Report on the evaluation of the system of long term care and institutions of social rehabilitation (Ministry of Welfare, Republic of Latvia, project of European Social Fund), 49 p., in Latvian, limited accessibility document

(2010) Analytical Report on the system of social services (Ministry of Welfare, Republic of Latvia, project of European Social Fund), 49 p., in Latvian, limited accessibility document.

Trapenciere, I., Koroļeva, I., Rungule, R.,. (2010). Jaunatnes socioloģija Latvijā. In: Socioloģija Latvijā. Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds. 303.-328.lpp. Trapenciere, I., Koroļeva, I., Rungule, R., (2009). Jaunatnes pētniecība Latvijā. In: Latvijas jaunatnes portrets: integrācija sabiedrībā un marginalizācijas riski. Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds. 11.-36. lpp.-70. lpp.

(2010) Risk of social exclusion of youth after leaving residential care. In Proceedings of the Riga Stradins University.


Since 2006 National coordinator, European social survey

2015 National expert, EC project Female genital mutilation

2014 National coordinator, project Working conditions of academic personnel in European countries, coord. by EI

2014 national expert, project "Trafficking of children", coord. ECORYS

2014 national expert, Eurofund project, Families in the Economic Crisis, coord. By IRS

2013-4 national expert, midterm report on ET2020, coord. By ECORYS

2013-4 national expert, EC project on social inclusion of young people, coord. By ERORYS

2013 National expert, "Evaluation of legislation, policy and practice on child participation in the EU", coord. ECORYS

2012-13, 2016 researcher, national team of Eurostudent study in LV, national expert on Eurostudent

2012 National expert, EC Study "Mapping on missing children", coord. ECORYS (NL)

2010-2013 Researcher, State research programme "National Identity"

2009 – 2012 Researcher, national Research grant "Youth transitions to Adulthood", funded by National Science Council.

2012 National expert in Latvia "Collection of methods, tools and good practices in the field of

domestic violence (as described by area D of Beijing Platform for Action)", coordinated by EIGE

2010-11 Evaluation Study on the situation of social work professions and need of developments, Ministry of Welfare (ESF funded project)

2011 National Expert on Latvia, "Financing training in Europe", Contract No. 2010- 0159/AO/RPA/PLI–PSZO/Financing training/017/10

2009 expert, Ex-post evaluation of the 2000-2006 ESF: Impact on the functioning of the labour market and on the investment in human capital infrastructure through

support to systems and structures (draft, due to illness)

2009-2011 Risk of addiction among youth in the Baltic and Nordic countries: comparative analyses, project scheme "Academic research", funded by EEA grant scheme

2009-2010 Aging in the Baltic countries: risks in social protection, inequality and labour market, project scheme "Academic research", funded by EEA grant scheme

2008-2010 Principal investigator "Healthy vocational and higher education", project funded by EEA grant scheme

2008 - 2009 National coordinator, ELFE2 project "European e-Learning Forum for Education 2" (5 countries), coordinated by ETUCE, funded by EC

2008 – 2009 National research coordinator, Principal investigator,

DAPHNE project "Ways of implementing the EU directives on Violence against Children, Young People and Women: Good Practices and Recommendations"10 countries, project coordinator – University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

2009 National coordinator on ETUCE survey on gender equality in the education sector, the teaching profession and within teacher trade unions

2008 – 2009 National expert, EU project Mega gender Analyses in Social Sciences

2009 - 2010 Social inclusion of youth after residential care, Project within PROGRESS Programme, coord. By Synergia (Italy)

2007 – 2008 Risks of social exclusion of children in out-of-family care, international project, coord. By Amici del Bambini (Italy)

2007- 2009 National Expert, European Network on Gender and Employment (EGGE) with EC

2007 – 2009 National Expert, European Network on Gender and Social Inclusion (EGGSI), with EC

2004 - 2007 National Expert at European Network on Gender, Employment and Social Inclusion (EGGSIE) with EC

2006-2007 Expert on Strategy, BASNET project "Women in science and High Technologies", 6th Framework Programme; Coordinated by Vilnius University

2006-2010 Evaluation of EU Programme Lifelong learning project applications (Comenius, Leonardo activities mobility, innovations), Study visits (CEDEFOP)

2008 Evaluation of the 1st year of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme in Latvia

2007 Evaluator of the SOCRATES and Leonardo da Vinci Programmes in Latvia (2000 – 2006)

2008 Evaluation of Comenius motilities (MODE project)

2006 Evaluation of Socrates Actvities – Comenius, Arion, Grundtvig, APA, Principal evaluator

2005 National report on Social Inclusion from Gender Perspective (EGGSIE Network)

2005 National Report on Gender and Employment (EGGSIE Network)

2005 Principal investigator, Assessment Study on Labour Market Situation and development of Human Resources in Tukums district; (ESF implemented by National Employment Agency, Tukums City Council, Id.: TPD 2005/13))

2005 Principal Expert, Evaluation of the EQUAL Programme,

2005 Expert on Education in Prison, Study on Integration of ex-prisoners into society, for a project of EQUAL Programme, State Probation Agency

Research articles​​

Koroļeva, Ilze. Jaunatnes socioloģija Latvijā / I.Koroļeva, R.Rungule, I.Trapenciere // Socioloģija Latvijā / sast. un zin. red. T.Tisenkopfs. - Rīga, 2010. - 303.-328.lpp.


Rungule, Ritma. Integration of youth into society : social and territorial belonging in young people of latvian and russian ethnicity / R.Rungule, I.Koroleva, I.Trapenciere // 10th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA) "Social relations in turbulent times" (Geneva, Switzerland, Sept.7-10, 2011) : Abstract Book. - Geneva, 2011. - P.632.


Sociālais darbs. Izglītība, pētniecība, prakse 2017

Autors(i): Lolita Vilka, Anita Ābele, Laura Arāja, Ārija Baltiņa, Klinta Beļūne, Dace Erkena, Jeļena Hodakovska-Migunova, Maksims Ivanovs, Alise Kalniņa, Marta Kalniņa, Līva Kamarūta, Kristiāna Kaminska, Marika Lotko, Daniels Markovičs, Mārtiņš Moors, Linda Puriņa, Jānis Reirs, Inese Strauta, Ilze Trapenciere, Jānis Vētra
Izdevniecība: Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte

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