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Areas of work, main tasks and objectives

  • Ensure implementation of high-quality, modern study programmes in the undergraduate and continuing education programmes of molecular biology, medical genetics, medical microbiology, clinical immunology, and clinical genetics
  • Academic advising of students’, resident physicians’ and PhD students’ scientific research
  • Active participation in professional associations (Association of Latvian Medical Microbiologists, European Association of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, American Association of Microbiologists, Latvian Society of Medical Genetics, Society of Neuroimmunologists), Latvian Association of Immunologists, Latvian Association of Nephrology, Latvian Association of Human Genetics, European Society of Human Genetics
  • Professional academic and scientific development of department staff.

Areas of research

  • Microbiological testing in vitro and in vivo of original biomaterials synthesised in Latvia: identification of bacterial adhesion and colonisation
  • Studies of halitosis and oral microbiota
  • Research of lytic activities of bacteriophages
  • Identification of somatic allelic variants affecting genome stability
  • Changes in the number of copies in the tumour genome as predictive markers

Local cooperation in academic or scientific activities

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