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The idea behind the faculty is rooted in the definition of health provided by the World Health Organization (WHO): 'Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.'


We provide a combination of far-sighted healthcare education and respect towards traditions rooted in the past. The knowledge you will acquire while studying with us will be fundamental to ensuring proper healthcare in the future. 

Prof. Inga Millere, dean, Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare

The disciplines taught by the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare are built upon the necessity to ensure and develop multidisciplinary education and research in the fields of health care, public health and social welfare, taking a biopsychosocial and holistic approach at inter-personal, group and social level. Public health as an art and science can be traced back to the ancient Greek societies when people started to speculate on how to live a long and healthy life? Due to high-speed urbanisation, ageing population, environmental pollution and ecological issues, the necessity for effective health promotion and social welfare activity is gaining increasing importance.


The Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare is the only faculty in Latvia offering a wide range of unique undergraduate and post-graduate study programmes. We are focused on producing future nurses, midwifes, nutrition and sports medicine specialists, likewise professionals in the fields of health psychology, supervision, public health, and social work. We are proud to offer high quality interdisciplinary education to our students, allowing them to become public health and social welfare innovators and industry leaders.

The Medical Education Technology Centre offers supporting and safe environment for the students to shape their professional competences through resolution of simulated high-risk situations and tasks. The students may practice, learn and repeat various procedures and manipulations over and over until they reach the desired outcome and feel competent for practical work in real life conditions. The centre also offers the students the opportunity to develop practical health promotion skills at our fitness centre (for health sports specialists) and well-equipped kitchen classroom - for nutrition specialists.

The Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare encompasses progressive education and respect for our traditions. We offer the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge, industry focused skills and health care competences that will be needed tomorrow, therewith ensuring solid grounds for successful future growth.

Study programmes

Undergraduate study programmes
  • Nursing – Professional Bachelor's Degree in Health Care
Post-graduate study programmes


Faculty Council

The Council of the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare is a collegial administrative body of the faculty under the authority of the Dean that exercises the duties and obligations prescribed by the bylaws of the Faculty and by the University’s internal regulations.

End-of-studies thesis subject areas

Department of Nursing and Midwifery
Subject areasPotential research leaders
Modeling nurse-patient (midwife-patient) interaction to promote equality in the care processStaff lecturers
Challenges in health care - demographic change, changing disease treatment and care model, changing care roles and expectationsStaff lecturers
Quality of care research, development of care quality criteria, monitoring. Quality indicators in care.Staff lecturers
Care documentation as a tool for promoting the quality of patient care.Staff lecturers
Patient safety in the care process. Nurses are leaders in patient safety culture. The role of nurse leaders.Staff lecturers
Nursing (care) diagnosesStaff lecturers
Occupational and environmental health issues (occupational safety, workload, prevention)Staff lecturers
Lack of nurses / midwives in the labor market. Problems of human resourcesStaff lecturers
Issues of professional ethicsStaff lecturers
Limits of competence and professionalism of nurses / midwives and legal responsibilitiesStaff lecturers
The problem of population aging (care of seniors and its organization)Staff lecturers
Improving health care and quality of lifeStaff lecturers
Addressing the inconsistencies of a healthy lifestyleStaff lecturers
Person - centered healthcareStaff lecturers
Patients' experience in the healthcare processStaff lecturers
Supervision (management) of chronic patients and the role of the nurse in this processStaff lecturers
Interdisciplinary cooperation in careStaff lecturers
Transitional careStaff lecturers
Complementary and alternative medicine methods, the role of nurses / midwives in it, cooperation with patients / families / societyStaff lecturers
Compliance of nursing / midwifery education with health care practice (and vice versa)Staff lecturers
Development and testing of care strategies. New care models.Staff lecturers
Standardized vs. individualized careStaff lecturers
Promoting the autonomy of nurses / midwives, developing decision-making competenceStaff lecturers
Mentoring in health care and professionsStaff lecturers
Introduction of new materials and technologies in tertiary care (adaptive viscoelastic materials, automated hospital management)Staff lecturers
E-health; Telemedicine development and care opportunities. Technological innovations in healthcare.Staff lecturers
Introduction of modern patient monitoring, mobile sensors, integrated care technologies and approaches in healthcareStaff lecturers
Innovative technologies and digital skills in the care process / nursing (midwifery) educationStaff lecturers
Data security in the healthcare processStaff lecturers
Professional identity and valuesStaff lecturers
Nurses, midwife emotional health, personality factors, motivationStaff lecturers
Resource management in patient groupsStaff lecturers
Environmental policy researchStaff lecturers
Environment and careStaff lecturers
Collaborative research / networking practice and researchStaff lecturers
Medical care and nursing care technologiesStaff lecturers
Research of disease prevention, direct nursing care and rehabilitation (in all patient groups)Staff lecturers
Interdisciplinary care of chronic and complex patients, family-oriented care.Staff lecturers
Assessing the results and impact of health care reformStaff lecturers
Development of bioinformatics methods and platformsStaff lecturers
Innovation testing, efficiency and cost studiesStaff lecturers
Health care systems, their cost-effectiveness and sustainability measurementsStaff lecturers
An innovative ecosystem at many levels (possibly digital) in healthcareStaff lecturers
Department of Public Health and Epidemiology
Tematiskā jomaPotenciālie darbu vadītāji
Health promotion and disease preventionInese Gobiņa, Anita Villeruša, Lauma Spriņģe, Aija Bukova-Žideļūna, Toms Pulmanis, Inese Stars, Ģirts Briģis, Dzintars Mozgis, Baiba Rozentāle, Anda Ķīvīte-Urtāne, Gunta Lazdāne
Environmental health and risk factorsĢirts Briģis, Žanna Martinsone, Ivars Vanadziņš, Anita Villeruša, Inese Gobiņa, Aija Bukova-Žideļūna, Anda Ķīvīte-Urtāne
Occupational health, work-related risk factors and preventionĢirts Briģis, Žanna Martinsone, Ivars Vanadziņš, Anita Villeruša, Inese Gobiņa, Aija Bukova-Žideļūna, Anda Ķīvīte-Urtāne
Research on health care systemsĢirs Briģis, Dins Šmits, Dzintars Mozgis, Daiga Behmane, Anita Villeruša
Epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseaseInese Gobiņa, Anita Villeruša, Lauma Spriņģe, Aija Bukova-Žideļūna, Toms Pulmanis, Inese Stars, Ieva Strēle, Ģirts Briģis, Dzintars Mozgis, Baiba Rozentāle, Anda Ķīvīte-Urtāne
Health-related behaviourInese Gobiņa, Anita Villeruša, Lauma Spriņģe, Aija Bukova-Žideļūna, Toms Pulmanis, Inese Stars, Ģirts Briģis, Dzintars Mozgis, Baiba Rozentāle, Anda Ķīvīte-Urtāne, Dins Šmits
Department of Welfare and Social Work
Subject areasPotential research leaders
Social work practice with families. Mārtiņš Moors, Liāna Deklava
Acceptance and awareness practice in social workSilva Rupaine, Liāna Deklava
Work-life balance as a social: social work perspectiveAnna Broka, Lolita Vilka 
Use of smart technologies to provide social services. Marika Lotko, Mārtiņš Moors
Inter-institutional cooperation in matters of parental custody rights.Lolita Vilka, Ilze Trapenciere
Benefits and challenges of applying creative strategies and methods in social work with children and youthSilva Rupaine, Anita Ābele, Liāna Deklava
Provision of care for children left without parental care in Riga foster families.Mārtiņš Moors, Maruta Pranka
Research and assessment of seniors' social needsĀrija Baltiņa, MārtiņšMoors, Maruta Pranka
Impact of debts (taxes, maintenance, credit, etc.) on the security and quality of life of families with children: a social work perspectiveLolita Vilka, Ilze Trapenciere, Anna Broka
Legal protection of shelter residents Lolita Vilka, Ilze Trapenciere, Mārtiņš Moors
Innovation and good practice in providing social services to vulnerable groups in local communities of Latvia. Lolita Vilka, Anna Broka, Ilze Trapenciere, Anita Ābele 
Management and proactivity in  in municipalities and  local communities of Latvia. Lolita Vilka, Anna Broka, Ilze Trapenciere
Evaluation of professional knowledge, skills and attitudes of social workers  in micro / meso practiceLolita Vilka, Marika Lotko, Anita Ābele 
Community-based social services for persons with mental disorders in municipalities.Lolita Vilka, Liāna Deklava, Marika Lotko, Anita Ābele 
Volunteering as a resource for social work  in LatviaLolita Vilka, Marika Lotko, Anita Ābele 
Credit and debt impacts on the social security Anita Ābele, Lolita Vilka, Maruta Pranka
Observance of the principles of human rights and social justice in social work in Latvia.Olafs Brūvers, Marika Lotko
Social logistics in providing social servicesLolita Vilka, Marika Lotko
Social advocacy practice  in reducing social inequalityOlafs Brūvers, Marika Lotko
Measuring the efficiency and quality of social workLiāna Deklava, Mārtiņš Moors, Lolita Vilka
Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy
Tematiskā jomaPotenciālie darbu vadītāji
Adaptation and construction of psychological and art-based assessment toolsInese Paiča, Velga Sudraba, Jana Duhovska
Adapting and constructing cognitive testsKristīne Šneidere, Ingūna Griškēviča
Use of Latvian Clinical Personality Inventory in different patient groupsJeļena Koļesņikova
Developing a personality functioning assessment toolVelga Sudraba
Alexitimia in different client/patient groups, its impact on health behaviour and the quality of lifeVelga Sudraba
Digital tool '3D emotion composition'Inese Paiča
Visual method '3D emotion composition'Inese Paiča
Resilience in different patient groupsVelga Sudraba, Elīna Zelčāne
Associations and differences in resilience (different age groups and/or professional groups)Guna Svence
Association between resilience and other personality indicators (options: well-being, personality traits, coping strategies, self-respect, growth thinking)Guna Svence
Eco-psychological interventions and recreational practice for different client groupsIngūna Griškēviča, Kristīne Mārtinsone
Emotion regulationInese Paiča, Velga Sudraba
Compliance in different patient groupsVelga Sudraba
The role of self-compassion in health preservationElīna Zelčāne
Normal and pathological cognitive aging and associated factorsKristīne Šneidere, Ervīns Čukurs
Psychological help and support working remotelyErvīns Čukurs, Ilona Krone
Psychological help and support in working with different groups of clients and patientsVelga Sudraba, Ilona Krone
Health behaviors as disease prevention and online interventions to promote themZane Gulbe, Jana Duhovska
Investigation of false memories in different client or patient groupsKristīne Šneidere, Velga Sudraba
Psycho-oncologyJana Duhovska
Spirituality as a resource in the professional and personal lifeKristīne Mārtinsone
Professional identity and professional activity in times of change (digitalisation, climate change, pandemics)Elīna Akmane
Development of professional skillsAira Aija Krūmiņa
Professional identity and its developmentAnita Pipere, Elīna Akmane
Professional activity and its assessmentKristīne Mārtinsone
Self-help and self-care as a resource in professional and personal lifeKristīne Mārtinsone, Ilona Krone, Jana Duhovska
Social-emotional health for teachers (or other professional groups)Guna Svence
Associations and differences in social-emotional health and vitality indicators for individuals in different professions and ... (other groups)Guna Svence
Athletes' personality traits, attitudes, behavior, motivation, cohesion, psychological resilience, physical Self-conceptGatis Upesleja
Bibliometric analysisSanita Šuriņa
Systematic reviewsInese Paiča, Velga Sudraba, Sanita Šuriņa
Supervisory needs in different professional fieldsBaiba Pumpiņa
Supervision in the educational environmentBaiba Pumpiņa, Kristīne Mārtinsone
Adaptation of supervision methods and techniquesInese Paiča, Ilona Krone
Pedagogical competence in the health care environmentAira Aija Krūmiņa
Department of Sports and Nutrition
Tematiskā jomaPotenciālie darbu vadītāji
Possibilities of using different technologies in fitnessVoldemārs Arnis, Indra Vīnberga, Uģis Ciematnieks, Irēna Upeniece
Effect of high intensity interval training on physical readiness indicators and body compositionVoldemārs Arnis, Uģis Ciematnieks, Indra Vīnberga
Effect of different strength training regimes on strength, strength endurance and body compositionVoldemārs Arnis, Uģis Ciematnieks, Indra Vīnberga
Changes in physical activity and use of various physical exercises during the restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemicVoldemārs Arnis, Una Veseta, Indra Vīnberga
Aerobic work capacity of students of different study programs and their changes during studiesVoldemārs Arnis, Una Veseta, Indra Vīnberga
Study programme 'Health Sports Specialist' applicants' aerobic work capacity, their relation to various factors and changes in the period of 15 yearsVoldemārs Arnis, Una Veseta, Indra Vīnberga
Various group classes in fitness clubsMaruta Hoferte, Indra Vīnberga, Irēna Upeniece, Anita Gauruča, Uģis Ciematnieks, Daina Lazdeniece-Auniņa
Development of physical features for health promotionUģis Ciematnieks, Indra Vīnberga, Una Veseta, Andris Eikens
Opportunities for physical activity for seniorsMaruta Hoferte, Indra Vīnberga, Irēna Upeniece, Anita Gauruča, Una Veseta
Variations of technical sports equipment, exercises and methodsUģis Ciematnieks, Indra Vīnberga
Study of the volume and intensity of physical activity for health promotion in the different age groupsUģis Ciematnieks, Indra Vīnberga, Una Veseta
Monitoring of physical activity in the health sportsMaruta Hoferte, Indra Vīnberga, Irēna Upeniece, Anita Gauruča, Uģis Ciematnieks, Una Veseta
The importance and application of physical exercises for women during pregnancyMaruta Hoferte, Inese Kanneniece
Physical activity and nutritionLolita Neimane, Laila Meija, Māra Kampara, Jānis Leitis
Effects of physical activity on personality traits and cognitive processesIrēna Upeniece, Lāsma Reide
Motivation to engage in physical activityIrēna Upeniece, Kristīne Šneidere
The prevalence of malnutrition in different patient groupsLolita Neimane, Laila Meija, Liene Sondore, Māra Kampara
Antioxidants in nutritional productsLolita Neimane, Andrejs Šķesters
Children and teenagers dietary habitsLolita Neimane, Laila Meija, Liene Sondore
Nutrition habits of athletes in different sportsMāra Kampara, Jānis Leitis
Overweight and obesity correction options with nutritionLolita Neimane, Laila Meija, Māra Kampara, Liene Sondore
Nutritional therapy for various diseasesLaila Meija, Lolita Neimane
Nutrition habits of pregnant womenLaila Meija, Lolita Neimane, Māra Kampara
International students
Critical analysis of nutrition myths vs factsMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Survey on medical students’ knowledge and understanding of nutritionMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Overview on Fad diets and their health consequencesMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Alcohol consumption – pros, cons, recommended limitsMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Diet and the sleepMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Sustainable dietMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Nutrition for older adultsMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Nutrition / Sports Nutrition related topics by student’s choiceMāra Kampara, Mg. sc. sal.
Postprandial (hyperinsulinemic) hypoglycaemia after bariatric surgeryGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Long term complications after bariatric surgeryGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Quality of life after bariatric surgeryGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Malnutrition risk assessment after bariatric surgeryGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Obesity treatment methods and latest trends (literature review for the last 5 years)Guna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Effects of obesity on immune systemGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Obesity and sleep apneaGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Malnutrition in obesity before and after bariatric surgeryGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Vegan diets for athletesGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Vegetarian & vegan nutrition during pregnancyGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal. 
Vegan diet in children and adolescentsGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Metabolic rate changes after bariatric surgeryGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Ghrelin and leptin – metabolism, weight, obesityGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Covid-19 influence on eating behaviourGuna Bīlande, Mg. sc. sal.
Eating disordersEva Kataja, Mg. sc. sal.
Overweight and obesity in kidsEva Kataja, Mg. sc. sal.
Nutrition (and/or weight changes) and emotional wellbeingEva Kataja, Mg. sc. sal.
Nutrition during pregnancy (and/or lactation)Eva Kataja, Mg. sc. sal.
Health Management Section
Subject areasPotential research leaders
Health system design and performance assessmentDaiga Behmane, Alina Dūdele, Olav Goetz
Health policyDaiga Behmane
Health and medical technology economic evaluationDaiga Behmane, Olav Goetz
Quality and patient safety in health careIgors Trofimovs
Economic efficiency of health care Alina Dūdele, Olav Goetz, Igors Trofimovs
Safety of health care workforceIgors Trofimovs
Human resource management in health careDaiga Behmane / RISEBA
Integrated health careDaiga Behmane
Chronic care managementAlina Dūdele, Daiga Behmane
Digital healthIeva Bikava
Information management in health systemsIeva Bikava
Export of health care servicesDaiga Behmane
Communication in health careVita Savicka
Pharmaceutical policyDaiga Behmane, Diāna Arāja

Council members

Inga Millere
Dean, Academic Staff, Chair of the Board
Dita Role
Director, Academic Staff
Daiga Behmane
Vice-Dean, Lead Researcher, Project Manager, Director of Study Programme
Jeļena Koļesņikova
Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff, Manager
Lolita Vilka
Head of the Department, Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Voldemārs Arnis
Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Ģirts Briģis
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Kristaps Circenis
Director of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Toms Pulmanis
Vice-Dean, Academic Staff
Katrīna Faibuševiča
Student Representative
Sanija Grigorjeva
Student Representative
Elīna Tetere
Student Representative