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The idea behind the Faculty is rooted in the definition of health provided by the World Health Organization (WHO): “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. 


We provide a combination of far-sighted healthcare education and respect towards traditions rooted in the past. The knowledge you will acquire while studying with us will be fundamental for ensuring proper healthcare of tomorrow.

Prof. Inga Millere, dean, Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare

The disciplines taught by the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare are built upon the necessity to ensure and develop multidisciplinary education and research in the fields of health care, public health and social welfare, taking a biopsychosocial and holistic approach at inter-personal, group and social level. Public health as an art and science can be traced back to the ancient Greek societies when people started to speculate on how to live a long and healthy life? Due to high-speed urbanisation, ageing population, environmental pollution and ecological issues, the necessity for effective health promotion and social welfare activity is gaining increasing importance.


The Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare is the only faculty in Latvia offering a wide range of unique undergraduate and post-graduate study programmes. We are focused on producing future nurses, midwifes, nutrition and sports medicine specialists, likewise professionals in the fields of health psychology, supervision, public health, and social work. We are proud to offer high quality interdisciplinary education to our students, allowing them to become public health and social welfare innovators and industry leaders.

The Medical Education Technology Centre offers supporting and safe environment for the students to shape their professional competences through resolution of simulated high-risk situations and tasks. The students may practice, learn and repeat various procedures and manipulations over and over until they reach the desired outcome and feel competent for practical work in real life conditions. The centre also offers the students the opportunity to develop practical health promotion skills at our fitness centre (for health sports specialists) and well-equipped kitchen classroom - for nutrition specialists.

The Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare encompasses progressive education and respect for our traditions. We offer the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge, industry focused skills and health care competences that will be needed tomorrow, therewith ensuring solid grounds for successful future growth.

Study programmes

Undergraduate study programmes
  • Nursing – Professional Bachelor's Degree in Health Care
Post-graduate study programmes


Faculty Council

The Council of the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare is a collegial administrative body of the faculty under the authority of the Dean that exercises the duties and obligations prescribed by the bylaws of the Faculty and by the University’s internal regulations. 

Council members

Inga Millere
Dean, Academic Staff
Daiga Behmane
Vice-Dean, Deputy Director, Project Manager, Head of Study Programme
Toms Pulmanis
Vice-Dean, Academic Staff
Jeļena Koļesņikova
Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff, Manager
Lolita Vilka
Head of the Department, Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Voldemārs Arnis
Head of the Department, Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Kristaps Circenis
Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Dita Role
Director, Academic Staff
Ģirts Briģis
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Ilona Jurševska
Employer Representative
Paula Feldmane
Student Representative, Senator
Ivita Hlopotina
Student Representative
Sintija Sovane
Student Representative