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Work experience

2015 - Present

Acting Assistant

Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare, Department of Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing Studies (with a specialization in theater sister)

Study course - technologies, materials and their use in operations.Minimally invasive surgery.

Study course - operative surgery in urology, gyneclogy and obstetrics.

Develop and improve the course content. Wired lessons and lectures.​

2015 - Present

Head nurse

Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital

Operations unit ​labor organization, the reguired material and eguipment of. Young specialist training.

2015 - 2016


P.Stradins Medical College of the University

Study programs Esthetic cosmetology - ​to develop and improve the course of business basics. Wired seminars and lectures.

1988 - 2015

Theater sister

Paula Stradins Clinical University Hospital

Operating theater organization, aseptic and antiseptic principles, tooling operation. Provide all necessary donororgan in team.​

2008 - 2015


University of Latvia

Faculty of Medicine​​. Clinical care basics - Management practical classes

2004 - 2015


P.Stradins Medical College of the University

Clinical care basic and patien care.


First aid ​

1984 - 1988

Surgical nurse

P.Stradins RKS 2. nefrology chapter

Patient care .

Patient education.

Various injecion performance

Medical equipment sterilization

Education and training

2004 - 2006

Health Sciences Master’s degree

University of Latvia

Nursing Science Theory, Nursing Ethics, Research methods in Nursing, Health management system, Nursing labor management system, Reasrch thesis development, Contact management, Management psyhology, Information technology, Economic Theory, Statistics

2001 - 2004

Bachelor of Health Sciences

University of Latvia

Care planning and documentation, Health promotion, Nursing theory, Nursing profession philosophy, Teaching project, General Pedagogy,Patient training, Records Management, Basics of law, Surgery, Diagnostics, Terapy, Nursing Ethics, Research methds in Nursing, Public health provision.

1981 - 1984


5. Medicine school

Patient care - surgical and medical illnesses. Patient preparation and manipulation tests, Latvian Language, Russian language, Chemisry, Physics, English.


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

2016. Part in Rīga Stradiņš University 2. Scientific and practical conference" Māsas un vecmātes - veselības aprūpes sistēmas pārmaiņu virzītājspēks".

2016. Part in course in Jerusalem&Tel Aviv, with the following topics: Shaare Zedek Medical Center: How to manage a large multispecialty operation room complex; Sterilization department management; Omrix: The specifics of Fibrin sealant production; Patient safety and concerns when using donor origin products; Simbionix: The advanced simulators: resident education or lifetime learning opportunity?

2015. Part in Latvian hemodialysis and kidney transplant nurses association in the seminar with a presentation " Vascular access provision and care of hemodialysis patients".

2015. Part in the Johnson & Johnson AB Latvian branch conference on "1. A study visit to Riga 1st Hospital, operation room; 2. life-threatening obesity

surgical treatment - benefits and risks; 3rd The latest technology operations capabilitie ".

2014. Part in the "Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital Conference" Current events in surgical patients in the treatment and care ".

2014. Part in the Johnson & Johnson AB Latvian branch seminar "Bleeding surgery - ways to reduce blood loss and optimal for lost", "Stress Management".

2014.Part in workshop „ Practiciopation in the Nurse Leader programme for vascular closure device".

2014.Latvian Nurses Association eligible to train medical personal register - Report No. A-thirtieth.

2014. Part in the Johnson & Johnson AB Latvian branch organized continuing education seminar "of interventional cardiology and interventional radiology laboratory leading nursing program: access through the common femoral artery, blood vessel retaining means necessity, procedure complications and their prevention".

2013.Part in ESF project realization "Recent trends and technologies in providing infusion therapy, parenteral nutrition principles".

2013. Participation in the "Third Latvian nurses, midwives and physician assistants of the Congress".

2013. Part in ESF project "Information technology skills competence", "foreign language skills in English competence promotion", "the theory of professional competencies improvement of health and social care sector", "Education, Psychology and communication skills competence promotion".

2013.MPD Participation in the seminar "First aid qualification of teachers".

2013.Part in the Johnson & Johnson AB Latvian seminar "Biofilm Microbial pathogenesis mechanism hospitālajās catheter-related infections and the development of prevention".

2013.Participation Johnson & Johnson AB Latvian seminar "Oxidized regenerated cellulose-mechanical haemostatic products use modern surgery", "Barb tissue sewing device".

2013.Participation in the conference "Kidney transplantation Latvian - 40 years",

2013. Participation in the international conference in Vilnius Lithuania "Nursing Science and Practice 2013".

Field of research

Patient positioning on surgery desk- factors and potential risks.​

Static load risks and related preventive measures for operation of nurse work​.

Operations nurse integration into work process​.

Surgical thread types and their application.

Technological optons in field of operations​​.

Supervised study course

Operation of Nursing Specialization Module

Technologies, Materials and Applications Operations. Minimally Invasive Surgery

Lectured study course

Abdominal Surgery and Operative Care Principles

Cardiac Surgery and Operative Care Principles

Minimally Invasive Surgery and Operative Care Principles. Laser Surgery, Electrosurgery and Operative Care Principles

Types of Surgery. Suture Material and its Use in Operations.

Supervised and reviewed student research papers


Bachelor theses 7

qualification papers: 6


Master's theses: 1

Bachelor theses: 7​

qualification papers: 5


1. The ESF operational programme "Human Resources and Employment" in appendix activity "Health care and promotion involved in the process of competencies and skills increase the level of" project "Health care and promotion of the institutions involved in the process of staff continuing education sector for sustainable development". Re-learning realization sister primary specialty acquisition in 2013 and 2014. Operations nurses primary specialty - lecture - Organisation in the operating room; Patient care during surgery.

2 .Part in the ERASMUS exchange professional experience and discharged into a lecture on the topic "Communication with potential donors relatives" - Medical University College of Medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.2012th.


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