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Opening hours

The RSU Library and its branches provide consultations remotely. For communication use the phone +371 67409192 or e-mail bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv!
Access PointsDays & opening hoursAddressPhone/E-mail

Library Information Centre


I-V 8.30-19.00
VI 10.00-17.00

Rooms 204/205,
Block G,
16 Dzirciema Street



Binding and Laminating Service


I-IV 8.30-17.15
V 8.30-16.00
Break: 12.30-13.00


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WHO Depository Library in Latvia

I-V 8.30-17.00
VI 10.00-17.00


Inter-Library Loan

I-V 8.30-17.00
VI 10.00-17.00

Room 205, Block G,
16 Dzirciema Street



Open Access Loan

Librarian working hours
I-V 8.30-19.00

 In self-service mode II, III, IV, VI, VII 24/7
I, V 8.30-19.00

Room 101, Block G,
16 Dzirciema Street



Information Centre for Health Care Professionals

I, III 9.00-17.00
II, IV 11.00-18.00
V 11.00-18.00
VI closed

5 J. Asara Street


Branch Library at RSU Medical Education Technology Centre

I-V 9.00-17.00
VI closed

Anniņmuižas Blvd 26a


RSU Liepāja Branch Library

I-V 8.30-17.00
VI closed

24/26 Riņķu Street, Liepāja



Reserve books remotely:

For contactless transfer of books, we invite you to use book drop boxes at Dzirciema Street 16 and J. Asara Street 5.
For book loan extension and any questions contact the RSU Library:
Phone: +37167061521; E-mail: bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv

Remote access to RSU Library databases with your RSU username and password is possible via the Student portal.

Consultations about the use of databases and access: +37167409192

Please follow current information on Facebook. Thank you for your understanding!