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Main aims

  1. Developing and implementing study courses in sport, nutrition
  2. Conducting student research work, as well as qualification, bachelor's, master's and PhD
  3. Promoting the research work of the department staff
  4. Raising the qualification of the department staff
  5. Organizing further education and professional development courses in sports, nutrition.

Main research areas

  1. Using physical exercises to increase aerobic capacity and health strengthening
  2. The effect of different strength training regimes on physical fitness
  3. The importance of physical exercise for cardiovascular disease prevention
  4. Analysis of dietary habits of inhabitants of Latvia
  5. Assessment of nutritional deficits
  6. Nutrition as a risk factor in the epidemiology of many epidemiology and others

Contact info

RSU Medical Education Technology Centre
26a Anniņmuižas bulvāris, Rīga
Room: 314-3
Phone: +37167060846, +37167060800

RSU Sports Club
3 Cigoriņu iela, Rīga
Room: 1st floor
Phone: +37167611559