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Work experience

1978 - Present


RSU, Language Centre

Education and training

1996 - 1999


University of Agriculture

1972 - 1978

English language and literature teacher, Master’s degree of Philology

University of Latvia, Faculty of foreign languages


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

06/2016. Guest lecture : CBC university "flipped classroom" experience realization, RSU

30.03.2016-27.04.2016. RSU PDC theme cycle "Teaching in intercultural environment"

01/2016. Seminar: Department course of management tool in e-learning environment, RSU

19.10.2015.-22.10.2015. ERASMUS+ teacher exchange programme in Masaryk University (Brno, Czech republic)

03/2015. RSU 14th Scientific conference

08/2015. Seminar: Moodle news, RSU

08/2014. Oxford Professional Development seminars: Video: from novelty to mainstay. 10 reasons I love International Express, Riga

04/2014. RSU 12th Scientific conference

08/2013. ​Oxford Professional Development seminars​: Language, motivation and opportunity: three things that get learners speak.Bringing four skills togerther, Riga

03/2013. RSU 14th Scientific conference​

11/2012. Oxford Professional Development seminars:​ Teaching English for Academic purposes and Preparing students for successful presentations, Riga

03/2012. RSU 11th Scientific conference​

03/2012. Professional Development ​programme: Development of pedagogic skills in adults' educational process, RSU

03/2011. RSU 10th Scientific conference​

1999-2000. Teacher Training Course (ESP). British Council, Riga

18.04.1988-.18.07.1988. Teacher training Course, Guilford Technical University, England

01.04.1887.-09.06.1987. Teacher Training Course, Ist Moscow Medical Institute, Department of Latin Language

Field of research

Methodology of teaching Latin​

Supervised study course

Sports and Fitness Terminology in English

Medical terminology in Latin

Head of study course

Medical terminology in Latin

Sports and fitness terminology in English

Lectured study course

Medical Terminology in Latin

Sports and Fitness Terminology in English



Latīņu valodas apguve ĀSN un MF, RF studējošo grupās, salīdzinošs skatījums / I.Ābelīte, Ņ.Zazerska, O.Voika, V.Vīksne // 2014.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2014.g. 10.-11.aprīlī) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2014. - 468.lpp.


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