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European Social Fund (ESF)

Operational Programme Growth and Employment

8.2.1 Specific objective "To reduce fragmentation of study programs and strengthen resource sharing” project applications selection round No. 2"

Reduction of fragmentation of study programmes and promotion of internationalisation of studies at Rīga Stradiņš Universit

8.2.2 Specific objective "To Strengthen Academic Staff of Higher Education Institutions in the Areas of Strategic Specialisation” project applications selection round No.1"

Capacity Building of Rīga Stradiņš University Academic Staff 

8.2.3. Specific objective “To ensure better governance in higher education institutions” 

Improvement of the management process and study content modernization at Rīga Stradiņš University

8.2.4 Specific aid objective "To provide support to the EQAR agency in the fulfilment of the set requirements"

Support for meeting the requirements set for EQAR agency

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Operational Programme Growth and Employment

1.1.1 Specific Aid Objective To increase the research and innovative capacity of scientific institutions of Latvia and the ability to attract external financing, investing in human resources and infrastructure Activity Practical Research Aid

Analysis of characteristics of medical sapropel and its usage for medical purposes and elaboration of industrial extraction methods Activity Post-doctoral Research Aid

Human herpes virus-6 involvment in development of autoimmune thyroiditis

Influence of Osteoporosis on jawbones of postmenopausal women

Development of screening methods by innovative spectroscopy techniques and chemometrics in research of herbal medicine

Mobilizing Science: Transnationally Mobile Researchers in Comparative Perspective

Comparing Vital Capitals: An anthropological analysis of the global value chains of sea buckthorn and raspberries

New non-invasive treatments for the control and treatment of early childhood caries

 Challenges of ageing in the Baltic Sea region Development of the R&D Infrastructure in Fields of Smart Specialisation and Strengthening of Institutional Capacity of Scientific Institutions

Pharmacy research infrastructure development at Rīga Stradiņš University Support for international cooperation projects in research and innovation

Increasing the scientific capacity of Rīga Stradiņš University in the European Research Area

An integrated approach to the challenge of sustainable food systems: adaptive and mitigatory strategies to address climate change and malnutrition, SYSTEMIC

1.2.1. Specific Aid Objective To increase private sector investment in R&D Activity Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System

Test for detection of the genetic causes for infertility (Stage I)

Cream for restoring barrier functions of skin (Stage I)

8.1.1 Specific objective: to increase the number of modernised STEM study programmes, including medicine and creative industries

Improvement of the study environment at Rīga Stradiņš University