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European Social Fund (ESF)

Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment Sub-activity Support to Master's studies Sub-activity Support to doctor's studies Activity Attraction of Human Resources to Science Activity Increase of level of skills and competences of institutional staff involved in health care and health promotion process

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Operational programme Enterprise and Innovations Activity Support to International Cooperation Projects in Research and Technologies (EUREKA, 7th FP, etc.) Activity Development of the Scientific and Research Infrastructure Sub-activity Development of Research Infrastructure Sub-activity Improvement of IT Infrastructure and IT System for Research Needs Sub-activity Acquisition of External Markets – External Marketing Activity Support to Science and Research Sub-activity Contact Points of Transfer of Technologies

Operational programme infrastructure and environment sub-activity Modernisation of Premises and Devices for Improvement of Study Programme Quality at Higher Educational Establishments, including Provision of Education Opportunities for Individuals with Functional Disabilities