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Gunta Lazdāne
Academic Staff, Director
Anita Villeruša
Chair, Scientific Council, Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff, Leading Researcher, Project Manager
Inese Gobiņa
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher, Project Manager
Laila Meija
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher
Ieva Strēle
Leading Researcher
Anda Ķīvīte-Urtāne
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher
Lauma Spriņģe
Academic Staff, Head of Study Programme, Leading Researcher (Acting)
Elita Poplavska
Head of the Department, Leading Researcher
Alise Čurkste
Office Manager
Ina Svilāne
Office Manager
Daiga Behmane
Vice-Dean, Deputy Director, Project Manager, Head of Study Programme
Aija Bukova-Žideļūna
Acting Lecturer, Acting Researcher, Project manager assistant
Una Kojalo
Acting Lecturer, Acting Lecturer, Researcher
Diāna Baltmane
Project Manager, Researcher
Ilona Gehtmane-Hofmane
Acting Researcher
Indra Liniņa
Acting Researcher
Margarita Apine
Project manager assistant
Aigars Miezītis
Project Manager