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From 26 June to 3 July, Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) held summer graduation ceremonies. 1,208 graduates from Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral study programmes from eight faculties, the International Student Department and the RSU Liepāja Branch received their diplomas. The graduation ceremonies were held in person in the RSU backyard next to the Inspiration Park, in the RSU Great Hall and in the Rose Hall of the Liepaja Olympic Centre. A record number of family members, friends and other supporters – more than 4,500 people – took the opportunity to follow the ceremonies online on the RSU website this summer.

"Your diploma is evidence of quality that will open many doors in Latvia and abroad. Always remember that a high-level professional continues to improve throughout his or her life, and the doors of Rīga Stradiņš University will always be open to you," said RSU Rector Professor Aigars Pētersons (pictured), addressing the graduates.


823 medical and health care students graduated from RSU this summer, among them 50 students from Liepāja Branch and 149 international students. Diplomas were also awarded to 385 social sciences students, which is an increase of 10% compared to last year.

"In a few years, you will become doctors in various medical institutions, leading researchers, heads of companies. You will hold various leading positions. Focus on the future, which will depend on your decisions, starting today. I wish you success in life and joy at work," said Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš in his address to the graduates.

The marathon of graduation ceremonies started on Tuesday, 26 June, in the RSU Liepāja Branch. This summer, 16 nurses, 11 physician’s assistants, 16 medical masseurs and seven psychologists received their diplomas. RSU Liepāja Branch is the only higher education institution in the Kurzeme region that has been offering education in health care for more than 75 years.

RSU continued with graduation ceremonies in Rīga. On 28 June, 145 students graduated from the following programmes of the Faculty of European Studies: 30 bachelors and 23 masters from the International Relations programme, 40 from the International Marketing and Advertising programme, 12 from the International Governance and Diplomacy programme, six from the International Business and Law programme, 14 from the Management of International Marketing and Business programme and 13 from the International Business and Sustainable Economy programme. Among the graduates are also seven students from the International Business and Start-up Entrepreneurship programme.

The Minister of Education and Science Anda Čakša addressed the graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in social sciences. "It is hard to believe that graduation is only a stop on your journey of knowledge. I wish you to remain curious and willing to learn throughout your life," said the Minister.

A joint graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Rehabilitation and the Faculty of Pharmacy followed. The diplomas were awarded to 71 physiotherapists, 14 young audiologists and speech therapists, 23 occupational therapists, 18 nutritionists, 10 orthotics and prosthetics specialists and 46 young pharmacists. While, at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Dentistry, 38 dentists and 23 dental hygienists received their diplomas.

The Minister of Health Līga Meņģelsone addressed the graduates of the medical and health care programmes. "A country is as strong as the health protection. Young medical practitioners will shape the medical system in Latvia that will face in ten years. I encourage you to take an active part in improving the health system through associations, working groups and other opportunities," said the Minister.  

On the morning of 29 June, the Faculty of Communication and the Faculty of Law congratulated their graduates. The graduates of the Faculty of Communication include 36 multimedia communication specialists, 11 journalists, 59 psychologists, 13 sociologists, 29 bachelors and masters in public relations, six photographers and two health communication specialists. This summer, 59 young specialists graduated from the Faculty of Law and were addressed by the Minister of Justice Inese Lībiņa-Egnere.

Graduates of the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare include 91 nursing, 26 public health, 12 social work, 28 health management and seven nutrition science specialists. Diplomas were also awarded to 23 midwives, 10 supervisors and 11 health psychologists this summer. The Faculty of Medicine congratulated its 181 graduates during the last graduation ceremony of the day. Young doctors and seven biomedical specialists received their diplomas.

The marathon of graduation ceremonies concluded on 3 July with the ceremony for international students of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry. Among the graduates were 122 young doctors and 27 dentists. RSU has international students from 75 countries, the majority come from Germany and Scandinavian countries.

Overall, the number of graduates has increased by almost 10 percent compared to last year.