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Work experience

2007 - Present


Latvian University

Work with residents ​

2002 - Present


Riga Stradiņš university, Department of Orthopaedics, Faculty of Continuing Education

2002 - Present

Thermal trauma doctor

State Emergency Medical Service, Operative medical center

1997 - Present


Latvian Family Physicians Association

1994 - Present

Burn surgion

National Burn Centre

1997 - 2002


Latvian Academy of Medicine

Education and training

1988 - 1994

Medical Doctor’s degree

Rīga Medical Institute



Participation in a clinical trial​ „Cerecloth adhibition​", Riga ( 2004 - 2005 )

A clinical trial​ „PSI LATVIA", 2006

A clinical trial​ „RENOVO", 2009

Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

Managing cSSTI and cIAI in the era of multi-drug resistant pathogens, Francfurt, Germany, October 2014

7 th Congress of Latvian Doctors, Rīga, Latvia 19-21 September, 2013

​5 th Congress of Baltic Traumatology and Orthopaedics 2013

7 th Annual Lativian Association of Traumatology and Orthopaedics conference. Riga, Latvia​ 10 May 2010

​Participation Latvian Traumatologists and Orthopaedists​ Association scientific meeting​ „Bone defect substitution possibilities of modern traumatology and orthopedics​ā", Riga, Latvia, 26 November 2010

​Participation in the seminar​ „Diabetes secondary form Reviews​", Riga, Latvia, 12 November 2010

​Participation in the seminar​ „Emergency medical attention long transportable patients​", Riga, Latvia, ( 20 october 2010 )​

Participation in the seminar​ „Hypoglycaemia​", Riga, Latvia, june 2010

Basics of Transfusion​ ​, Riga, Latvia, ( 7,8,14 june​2010 )

Participation in the seminar​ „hypoglycaemia​", Riga, Latvia April 2010​

Participation in the seminar "Therapy streptococcal skin infections​ , Riga, Latvia, June 2010

Participation in the International Congress ​„Plastic and reconstructive surgery​", Riga, Latvia, 2009

Participation in the International Congress "Child injuries", Riga, Latvia, 2008

​Participation in the International Congress "Actual problems of thermal injury​", Sankt-Peterburg​, Russia, 2006.

​Participation in the 3rd Congress of Traumatologists-orthopedists​, Riga, Latvia 2005.

​Participation in the International Congress​ „New methods of burn wounds​", Kaunas, Lithuania​, April 2005.​

Participation in the International Congress​ „Pain syndrome-current issues​", Riga, Latvia, April 2005

Participation in the International Congress ​„Bioptron application wounds​", November 2004

​Participation in the seminar "Injury Treatment​", Latvia, May 2004

Participation in the seminar "Hand surgery​", Riga, Latvia, November 2004

​A large number of publications on the problem of thermal injury Latvian medical journals ( ​2004 )


Latvian Traumatologists-orthopedists Association​, Latvia, 1995

Latvian doctors Burns Association,​ Latvia, 1994

Latvian Association of Wound Care​, Latvia, 2004​

Lectured study course



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Aigars Pētersons
Rector, Academic Staff
Jānis Gardovskis
Head of the Unit, Academic Staff, Chair of the Senate
Ilze Grope
Dean, Academic Staff
Sandra Lejniece
Dean, Head of Study Programme
Gunta Lazdāne
Academic Staff, Director
Edvīns Miklaševičs
Academic Staff, Director
Gunta Ancāne
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Maija Eglīte
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Dace Gardovska
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Director of Strategic Relations
Ilona Hartmane
Academic Staff
Regīna Kleina
Academic Staff
Juta Kroiča
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Deputy Chair of the Senate
Gaida Krūmiņa
Academic Staff
Guna Laganovska
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Ināra Logina
Academic Staff
Gunta Purkalne
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher