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Work experience

2018 - Present

Acting Lecturer

Medical faculty, Statistical unit, RSU

2012 - 2018

Acting Lecturer

Medical faculty, Department of Physics, RSU

2009 - 2015

Scientific assistant

Institute of Atomic physics and spectroscopy, University of Latvia

Education and training

2010 - Present

Dr. phys.

University of Latvia

Scientific supervisor: Prof. Dr.habil.phys. Janis Spigulis

1999 - 2001

Master’s degree of Natural Sciences in Physics

University of Latvia

1995 - 1999

Bachelor's degree of Natural Sciences in Physics

University of Latvia


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade


2019. Qualitative data analysis with NVivo program

2019. Hands-on introduction to qualitative research in health care

2019. Reference management tool EndNote

2019. Statistical data analysis in R program

2019. RSU Science Week 2019

2019. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation master class for experts

2019. Processing of personal data - theory and practice. Essential conditions for the processing of health data

2018. Improvisation in pedagogical activity

2018. Quest lectures “Lectures on Mixed Models, Survival Analysis and Causal Inference"

2018. Learning about e-learning updates

2017. English language proficiency training from 05.10.2016. until 03/05/2017

2016. Use of TurnitIn Works Editing and Content Originality Program

2016. Europass document portfolio

1999 Certificate "Secondary School Teacher of Physics", University of Latvia.
1997. Acquired "Practical spectral analysis" certificate, qualification paper "Semi-quantitative analysis of rocks", University of Latvia.


Field of research


Investigation of pathological abnormalities of the skin with divergence of multispectral contactless optical sensors, formation of signals and their significance.


Supervised study course


Medical Laser Physics


Lectured study course



Medical Laser Physics

Medical Physics


Awards and recognitions


2011: ThorLabs Best Student Paper Award for the Multispectral Photoplethysmography technique for parallel monitoring of pulse shapes at different tissue depths, presented at the European Biomedical Optics Conference (ECBO) 2011, Munich, Germany.





Research articles​​



Clinical measurements analysis of multi-spectral photoplethysmograph biosensors [Elektroniskais resurss] / L.Asare, E.Kviesis-Kipge, J.Spigulis // Biophotonics: Photonic Solutions for Better Health Care IV (Brussels, Belgium, Apr.14-17, 2014) [Elektroniskais resurss]. - (2014), article No.912933, [7 p.]. - Starptautiski citējamā izdevumā. - Pieejas veids: Tīmeklis WWW.URL:…



Analysis of multi-spectral photoplethysmograph biosensors [Elektroniskais resurss] / L.Asare, J.Spigulis // Novel Biophotonic Techniques and Applications II (Munich, Germany, May 12-16, 2013) [Elektroniskais resurss]. - (2013), article No.880106, [6 p.]. - Starptautiski citējamā izdevumā. - Pieejas veids: Tīmeklis WWW.URL:…



Multi-spectral optoelectronic device for skin microcirculation analysis / L.Asare, J.Spigulis, R.Erts ...[et al.] // Lithuanian Journal of Physics. - Vol.52, N 1 (2012), p.59-62. - Pieejamais veids: Tīmeklis WWW.URL:


Multi-spectral photoplethysmography biosensor / L.Asare, E.Kviesis-Kipge ...[et al.] // Proceedings of SPIE. - Vol.8073: Optical Sensors 2011; and Photonic Crystal Fibers V (2011), article N 80731Z. - Starptautiski citējamā izdevumā. - Pieejamais veids: Tīmeklis WWW.URL:…




Long term graft function in kidney transplant recipients of deceased donors with acute kidney injury / R.Lulle, K.Gritane, L.Asare, J.Jushinskis, A.Malcevs, V.Suhorukovs, A.Petersons, I.Ziedina // Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. - Vol.34, Suppl.1 (2019, June), abstract No.FP784, p.i316. - Abstracts of the 56th Congress of the European Renal Association (ERA)/European Dialysis and Transplant Association(EDTA) (Budapest, Hungary, June 13-16, 2019).



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