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Work experience

2004 - Present

Acting Lecturer

Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare, Department of Public Health and Epidemiology

Education and training

2014 - Present

Doctoral study program “Law science”

Rīga Stradiņš University

title of the doctoral thesis "The problematic of medical practitioners rights and legal liability in Latvia"; Scientific supervisor: prof. Osvalds Joksts and prof. Jānis Vētra

2004 - 2006

Master’s degree of Social Sciences in Law

The University of Latvia

1998 - 2004


The University of Latvia

1993 - 1997

1th, 2th and 3rd year study in Faculty of Medicine of Medical Academy of Latvia


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

Regular participation in the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates and the Latvian Judicial Training Centre organized professional educational events​

Field of research

Medical practitioners legal liability problematics

Lectured study course

Basics of Law

Legal Aspects of Professional Activity

Basics of Law

Introduction into Specialty, Legal Aspects of Professional Activity

Supervised and reviewed student research papers


qualification papers: 2


Master's theses: 2

qualification papers: 3


Since 2008 Member of the Latvian Criminal Bar Association

Since 2004 Member of the ​Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates



Liepiņš, Aldis. The Latvian Medical Associations Occupational Courts role in the medical practitioners legal liability system / A.Liepins // 6th International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference "Society. Health. Welfare: living in the world of diversity: social transformations. Innovations. Solutions" (Riga, Nov.23-25, 2016) : Abstracts / Rīga Stradiņš University ...[et al.]. - Riga, 2016. - P.67.

Liepiņš, Aldis. Trūkumi Ārstniecības riska fonda regulējumā / A.Liepiņš // 2016.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2016.g. 17.-18.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2016. - 305.lpp.

Liepiņš, Aldis. Transformācijas process ārstniecības personu civiltiesiskās atbildības regulējumā / A.Liepiņš // 2015.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2015.g. 26.-27.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2015. - 416.lpp.

Liepiņš, Aldis. Ārstniecības personu tiesības / A.Liepiņš // 2014.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2014.g. 10.-11.aprīlī) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2014. - 434.lpp.

Liepiņš, Aldis. The administrative courts control mechanism in examining the Health Inspectorates executed health care quality control / A.Liepins // 5th International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference "Society. Health. Welfare" & 2nd Conference of Speech Therapists (Riga, Nov.26-28, 2014) : Abstracts / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte ...[u.c.]. - Riga, 2014. - P.40-41.



Jeļena Koļesņikova
Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff, Manager
Jeļena Ļubenko
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher
Lauma Spriņģe
Academic Staff, Head of Study Programme, Leading Researcher (Acting)
Uģis Ciematnieks
Academic Staff, Head of Study Programme
Kristaps Circenis
Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Toms Pulmanis
Vice-Dean, Academic Staff
Dins Šmits
Chair, Academic Staff, Academic Staff
Gunta Bēta
Study Programme Coordinator
Anita Ābele
Academic Staff
Jana Duhovska
Head of Study Programme, Academic Staff
Eva Kataja
Academic Staff
Kaiva Pēča
Academic Staff