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Work experience

2014 - Present

Director of Monitoring Department

State Education Quality Service

To manage and control Monitoring Department of Quality Service, ensuring the quality of the service's strategic objectives and functions;​

To manage personnel and the work of Performance Evaluation Committee of Monitoring Department;

Ensure all grades: The educational supervision in accordance with the statutory requirements, including the supervision of higher education and research institutions.​

According to the position, make decisions, give orders and tasks and monitor their execution;

According to the position, to prepare information on the State Education Quality Service annual and other reports;​

The chairman duties of ​​State Education Quality Service ​Ethics Committee;

The person responsible for performance of ​the State Education Quality Service​ prevention of anti-corruption;

Filling​ the ​Corruption Risk Evaluation Commission member functions of ​​State Education Quality Service​;

Coordination of State Education Quality Service issues concerning European Union;

2014 - Present


Rīga Stradiņš University

Reading the lectures and other obligations of lecturer position carried out​

Law, "Constitutional right", "Theory of law ", "Municipalities rights", "Consumer rights", "Communication rights and ethics "," Personal Data Protection "," Administrative Procedure. "Introduction to law", "Information Technology Rights" "Administrative Law", "Intellectual Property Rights", "Property Law", "Copyright" . ​

2013 - 2014

Senior Expert (in matters of higher education and research)

State Education Quality Service Department of Licensing and Registers

Creation of registers of study directions, monitoring and ensuring the operation.​

Providing advice on higher education and research issues.​

Preparation of informative materials that concerns current events in higher education in Latvia and the world.

2010 - 2013

Legal Adviser

State Education Quality Service Department of Monitoring

Preparation of all kinds of legal documents, consulting enforcement officers and the representatives of the education sector in matters of legal nature.​


Providing legal support in developing legislation in the field of education.​


Consideration of the complaints and applications for all grades education (general education, professional education, higher education).​

2011 - 2014

Guest Lecturer

Rīgas Stradiņš University

Law, "Constitutional Right", "The Theory of Law", "Municipalities Rights "," Consumer Rights "," Communication Rights and Ethics "," Personal Data

Protection "," Administrative Process. "," Introduction to Law ", "The Information Technology Right "

"Administrative Rights", "Intellectual Property Rights".

2011 - 2013

Project Coordinator

State Education Quality Service

The coordinator from State Education Quality Service​ (hereinafter - quality service)​ of a project "The evaluation and proposals for improving the quality of Higher education study programmes" (hereinafter - project).​


Main responsibilities: to organize the work of quality service personnel involved in the project, to ensure that the public sector and individuals are informed about progress of the project.​


To inform higher education institutions about the progress of the project and current events.​

2012 - Present

Lecturer / Consultant

Private practice - Certificate of Private practice

Lecture Presentation and consultation under a program entitled "Basics of Law" ​

2017 - 2018

Director of the bachelor study programme “Law"

Rīgas Stradiņš University

Management and organization of the study process.

2018 - 2019

Director of the master's degree study programme “Law"

Rīgas Stradiņš University

Management and organization of the study process.

Education and training


PhD candidate

Rīga Stradiņš University

Completed PhD studies at Rīga Stradiņš University


Professional Master's degree in law, Lawyer

Turiba University


Professional Bachelor's degree in law, Legal Adviser

Baltic International Academy


General secondary education

Tukums 2 Secondary School

Secondary education


Certificate for Attending Training Course "Personal data protection"

Data State Inspectorate


Certificate of Preparatory Training for Personal Data Protection Specialist

LLC "E - sabiedrības risinājumi" and LLC "Privacy Pro"


Judgment Writing Language and Technique

Latvian Judical Training Centre


Publicity of Information and Protection of Personal Data

Latvian Judicial Training Centre


Certificate / Riga City Council

Seminar for managers and employees of State, municipalities and educational institutions "Integration of Immigrants in the European Union"


EQAVET Sectoral Seminar on Quality Assurance in the healthcare sector in Europe


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