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The tuition fee is outlined in the individual agreement between the student and Rīga Stradiņš University.

Tuition fee payment shall be made in accordance with the Tuition Fee Payment Policy.

Tuition fees for the academic year 2019/20 in Euros (EUR):

Study programme

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

6th year

Medicine12 00012 00012 00012 00012 00012 000 *
Dentistry14 00014 00015 00015 00015 000-
Pharmacy8 0008 0009 0009 0009 000-
Nursing5 0005 0005 0005 000--
Physiotherapy8 0008 0009 0009 000--
Occupational Therapy8 0008 0009 0009 000--
Public Health, MSc4 5004 500    
Health Management, MSc3 000**
3 500***
3 000**
3 500***
Rehabilitation3 5003 500    
Social Work with Children & Youth, MSc1 8001 800 / 900    
International Governance & Diplomacy, MSc2 4002 400   
Health Communication, MSc4 8004 800    

* 10000 EUR for students who have completed the previous 5 academic years at RSU successfully, with good academic standing and without interruptions.
** For applicants with previous university education in health sciences
*** For applicants with previous university education in economics, business management or management science and also with the professional qualification and/or experience in business management

Terms of tuition fee payments

There are several different terms of tuition fee payments depending on student's citizenship and legal status in Latvia. 

Students who make tuition fee payments on semester basis (before the beginning of each study semester):

  • Citizens and permanent residents of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Citizens of EU/EEA countries and the Swiss Confederation;
  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries who have obtained a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Latvia if:
    • they undergo immigration procedures individually and on the grounds other than studies at RSU;
    • they have a valid permanent residence permits in the Republic of Latvia;
    • their residence permit is valid for more than one calendar year from the commencement of their studies;
    • they have provided RSU's International Admissions Office with a copy of their residence permit during the admissions period. 

Students who make tuition fee payments on yearly basis (before the beginning of each academic year):

  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries.

Additional payments before you start your studies

  • Application fee: EUR 100.00 (single non-refundable payment) or EUR 15.00 for citizens of Latvia, who have obtained their secondary education in Latvia.

  • Registration administration fee: EUR 1500.00 (single non-refundable payment), payable in accordance with the provisions of International Study and Research Fund LLC, a daughter enterprise and partner of RSU. The registration administration fee is not required from students who are starting their studies in Master’s degree programmes.

Services covered by the tuition fee

  • attendance at scheduled lectures, practical and laboratory classes;
  • attendance at scheduled tutorials held weekly by the teaching staff of the university;
  • testing of acquired knowledge and skills via weekly tests, colloquiums, examinations or final semester tests;
  • services provided by RSU's administrative staff;
  • use of lecture halls, rooms, laboratories in RSU's study bases; 
  • use of departments/wards and lecture halls in several hospitals in Riga;
  • use of medical/dental/technical equipment during the entire study process;
  • dental materials for students of the study programme "Dentistry".