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Programme Fact File

Study direction:
Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology
Doctor's study programme
accredited until
Degree conferred:
Doctoral degree (PhD) in Political Science
Language: Latvian, English
Credit points/ECTS: 120/180
Study location: Rīga
3 years
2 free of charge
12 paid
For studies in English, the cost is 3,500 EUR per year. 

The programme provides studies based on theoretical and methodological foundations of political science that are relevant to the needs of Latvia and Europe, with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary themes (medicine, education, energy, security policy, linguistic aspects of politics, cultural dimension), regional studies (Russia, China, Japan, Turkey) and comprehensive research of the problems associated with Latvia.

Skills and Competences

  • Broad general knowledge in one of the sub-disciplines of political science and profound special knowledge in a specific field related to the doctoral scientific work
  • Analysis of theory, knowledge of existing scientific literature and research
  • Conducting of an original study – preparing and submitting a doctor’s dissertation. The doctoral thesis must be independent and original research, which is a significant contribution to political science

Programme contents

  • Scientific research work (76 CP) involves the doctoral student’s work under the supervision of the supervisor of the doctoral thesis, writing a dissertation and preparing it for presentation.
  • Doctoral seminars and study courses of Part B (22 CP in total):
    • Methodology of scientific work,
    • Research ethics,
    • Doctoral thesis seminar: notification of the thesis topic,
    • Doctoral thesis seminar: analysis of scientific literature,
    • Doctoral thesis seminar: methodology and methods for writing of doctoral thesis,
    • Doctoral thesis seminar: presentation of the first version of thesis
    • News in political science and international relations and current political developments
  • Integrated pedagogical education (3 CP):
    • study course Higher Educational Institution Pedagogy,
    • training in practical pedagogy, participation in the implementation of academic courses in the field of political science
  • Other types of scientific work (10 CP): preparation and publishing of scientific articles, reading of reports at scientific conferences, participation in organising or conducting of scientific conferences
  • Doctoral exam in the specialty (9 CP): consists of three parts (part one – exam in the sub-discipline of political science; part two – exam on a subject related to the topic of the thesis; part three – exam for assessing the doctoral student’s international scientific competences, to be taken in a foreign language (English))


Doctoral degree is not only proof of scientific qualification, but also recognition of the acquirer’s professional abilities and achievements. In many parts of the world, a doctoral degree is not only an element of prestige, but also an unwritten requirement for senior officials and politicians. Studies in the doctoral programme Political Science offer to develop existing knowledge, skills and abilities at a new and higher level. The result of the studies will make it possible not only to embark on a scientific career, but will also allow to distinguish oneself qualitatively among others in the public administration as well as in the private sector. I invite you to join the new and energetic doctoral team of political science at Rīga Stradiņš University and achieve new goals in personal and scientific development together!

Doc. Māris Andžāns, Head of the study programme

Head of Programme

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