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Work experience

2011 - Present

Associated professor ;Sworn Attorney

Rīga Stradiņš University, Faculty of Law, Latvia

1998 - 2009


The Police Academy

2009 - 2011

Deputy Chief of Rescue Service, Latvia

2009 - 2009

State Secretary of Ministry of Interior, Latvia

2006 - 2009

Chief of State Police, Ministry of Interior, Latvia

1998 - 2006

Deputy Chief, Office for the Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds derived from Criminal Activities, General Prosecutor’s Office, Latvia

1993 - 1998

Chief of State Police, Ministry of Interior, Latvia

1992 - 1993

Advisory to the Prime Minster of Latvia

1975 - 1992

Inspector and division head, Riga district police, Ministry of Interior, Latvia

Education and training

2001 - 2008

Dr. iur., Police Academy of Latvia

1998 - 2000

Mag. iur, Police Academy of Latvia


Awards and recognitions

Order of the Eagle Cross

Supervised study course

Civil and environmental protection Criminal law. The special part Criminal law. General part Topical problems of protection of the rights of medical staff and patients Peculiarities of investigative work in the search and prevention of certain types of crime Problems of stopping money laundering Legal regulation of investigative activities in Latvia and abroad Practice Law enforcement agencies Topical problems of protection of the rights of medical staff and patients

Supervised study programm

Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte, Maģistra akadēmiskais Izglītības līmenis, Pilna laika klātiene, Tiesību
Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte, Maģistra profesionālais Izglītības līmenis, Pilna laika klātiene, Tiesību

Publications Projects Conferences Honors and awards

▪ Commentary on the Criminal Procedure Law,Part A,Chapter 11 ISBN
▪National encyclopedia of Latvia (entry – State Internal Security), 2018
▪Criminal Procedure Law – 10, ISBN 978-99-84-840-41-3, 2015
▪Medical Law, co-author, ISBN 978-9934-508-27-1, 2015
▪International organization sanctions appeal possibilities, ISBN 978-9984-793-58-0,
▪Opinion at the Constitutional Court in the capacity of the invited erxpert, court
cases: No 2015-14-0103, No 2016-0601, No 2017-200103, No 2018-10-0103
(opinion is published in the official state source – Latvijas Vēstnesis)
▪Pending publication (now in the drafting stage) – Criminal Procedure Law
Comments, Section 11, Special investigation activities, out in 2019
▪Pending publication (now in the drafting stage) - Monography – Law on
Operational Activities comments, out in 2019
▪Project - Corruption risks in the area of medical care: Risk mitigation and
prevention actions (Ministry of Health project), 2018
▪Project – Corruption and shadow economy curbing aspects in the operations of
controlling bodies (State administration school run project No 2017/06-04/1), 2017
▪Project – State administration human resources professional development with the
regard to corruption prevention and the curbing of shadow economy (No, study course in the frame of the project – The legal aspects of
operative experiment concerning the cooperation among several countries.
▪Project – Risk assessment in the area of money laundering prevention (World Bank
project), 2015-2016
▪Award – Eagle cross (Estonia) as well as a number of awards presented by the
Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense
▪Participation in the study course (in the capacity of an attendee): Anti-money
laundering and counter terrorist financing organized by World bank, 2017, 2018
▪Conference - HIV - Somatic, psychic, legal aspects (in the capacity of a speaker),
▪Conference - HIV – Medical, legal and socio-political aspects (in the capacity of a speaker), 2018



Jānis Grasis
Vice-Dean, Leading Researcher
Irina Dolgova
Study Programme Development Project Manager
Ivars Kronis
Leading Researcher