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Academic events

Teddy Bear Hospital

Our Teddy Bear Hospital is a fun and educational project where international and Latvian students create a hospital setting for the pupils of the international schools in Riga. The aim of the event is to alleviate the fears of children about visiting a hospital. The children are allowed to treat their teddy bears at a number of different stations e.g. surgery, general practice, X-ray etc. In recent years the Teddy Bear Hospital has introduced a dental clinic which was organised by dentistry students and a great way to educate children about oral hygiene. Visiting the Teddy Bear Hospital is wonderful experience for both University and school students alike!

Medical Seminar

A full day seminar with lectures by esteemed specialists from various countries and different workshops such as Suture Techniques, Trauma & Emergency Medicine, Toxicology and ENT.


This annual lecture aims to inform RSU students on 'How To Do USMLE '. It gives an introduction to the USMLE steps and provides information about different parts of the exams with practice questions.


We organise Radiology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Suture workshops which offer students a possibility to gain more practical knowledge and skills.

Guest Lectures

We are always looking to help students expand their medical interests. Every year the ISA holds several lectures by top professors from Europe. The lectures cover a wide range of topics and are very popular in the student community.

Social events

The ISA organises many social events throughout the academic year working together with the many national societies at RSU to hold events that showcase the wealth of cultures at the University.

Orientation Week 

The social calendar starts with Orientation Week! We organise the Info Fair, a Sports Day, a Movie Night, a Riga Night, various Museum Tours and a Board Game evening for RSU freshmen together with the International Department. The week always ends with a Welcome Party!

#WorldWide Event

The biggest showcase event of the year is the #WorldWide Talent & Cultural Experience. We organise a talent show showcasing the best musical, dance and performance talents from students at RSU. The event is also a good showcase for the various cultures at our university.

Winter Ball

Every year before the Christmas holidays we organise the most anticipated event of the year - the Winter Ball! Complete with photo booths, workshops, a dance floor, drinks and snacks this event always attracts the most attention. In 2017 we collaborated with the RSU Student Union for the first time and hosted the biggest event to date with over 3,000 participants.

Charity Events

We have organised several charity events to help children from orphanages, refugee centres and other social institutions.

European Refugee Crisis Aid Project 

Together with the national societies we held an event to sell food and handicrafts in support of Syrian refugees in Latvia.  

Easter Charity Project

We organised a charity stall to collect chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies for the children in Māras Center. We also spent a day with the children and prepared fun Easter activities such as egg painting and an Easter egg hunt.

Where Is The Love? – Valentine's Day Charity Project

For Valentine's Day we sold postcards made by children from the social care centre Ezerkrasti. All of the donations were given to the NGO Pūks un draugi (Pooh and Friends) that works with children with disabilities. 

For more information about ISA events, take a look at the ISA Facebook page

National Societies

African Association Riga

RSU Asian Society

ASIR – Associazione Studenti Italiani a Riga (Italian Student Association in Riga)

Assyrian Student Association in Riga

RSU British and Irish Society

DSiA – Deutsche Studenten im Ausland (German Students Abroad)

RSU Portuguese Society

Yachad – Jewish/Israeli student society

RSU Iranian Society

RSU US Student Association


Agape Studenti: Christian student interest group

ANSA – Association of Norwegian Students Abroad: Latvian Branch

Ibn Sina – Muslim Student Society

IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students’ Association: Latvian Branch (LAMSA)

LaMSA  Latvian Medical Student Association 

RiSLO – Riian Suomalaiset Lääketieteen Opiskelijat ry (Finnish Medical Students’ Association in Riga)

SLFSR – Sveriges Läkarförbund Student Riga (Swedish Medical Students' Association in Riga)

Academic Societies

Academic Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (ASAIC)

RSU Anatomy Circle

Cardiology Academic Society (CAS RSU)

Dental Student Association (RSU DSA)

RSU Dermatology and Venerology Academic Society

Endocrinology Academic Society

Family Medicine Student Association (FaMSA RSU)

Internal Medicine Academic Society (IMAS)

Neurology & Neururgery Academic Society

Obstetrics/Gynecology Academic Society

Pediatric Academic Society (PAS)

RSU Psychosomatic Student Group

Radiology Academic Society (RAS)

Surgical Association (RSU SurA)

Trauma and Orthopaedic Academic Society (TOAS)

Social Societies 

Feminists in Riga