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ProjectRealisationProject managerProject category
Challenges of ageing in the Baltic Sea region
Līguma nr.:, Līguma Nr. 9.-14.5/26
 -  Ieva ReineEU Structural Funds
Improvement of the practical application and monitoring of work safety laws and regulations
Līguma nr.: 2017-01.3-07/1
 - Assoc. Prof. Ivars Vanadziņš, Agnese AišpureEU Structural Funds
New non-invasive treatments for the control and treatment of early childhood caries
Līguma nr.:, Contract No 9.-14.5/27
 -  Ilze MaldupaEU Structural Funds
A study on the factors and habits affecting sexual and reproductive health in Latvia
Līguma nr.: 01-33.2.2/86
 - Assoc. Prof. Anda Ķīvīte-UrtāneEU Structural Funds
An innovative approach to hull-less spring cereals and triticale use from human health perspective
Līguma nr.: NFI/R/2014/11
 - Assoc. Prof. Laila MeijaEEA and Norway Grants
An integrated approach to the challenge of sustainable food systems: adaptive and mitigatory strategies to address climate change and malnutrition, SYSTEMIC
Līguma nr.: 23-11.17e/20/224
 - Assoc. Prof. Laila MeijaEU Structural Funds
Analysis of characteristics of medical sapropel and its usage for medical purposes and elaboration of industrial extraction methods
Līguma nr.:
 - Assoc. Prof. Ivars VanadziņšEU Structural Funds
Analysis of drug-resistant M. tuberculosis strains involved in mico-outbreaks of tuberculosis
Līguma nr.: 23030102
 - Asst. Prof. Renāte RankaVPP turpinājumam
Assessment of potential genetic factors in tuberculosis
Līguma nr.: 23030103
 - Asst. Prof. Renāte RankaProjektu pieteikumu izstrādei 2020
Assessment of the activity of mitochondria-targeted substances and their compounds in the ex vivo model of mitochondrial damage
Līguma nr.: RSU ZP 09/2013
 - Prof. Maija DambrovaRSU Grants
Assessment of the efficacy of conservative treatment and the safety of research methods in patients with acute appendicitis ages 7 to 18
Līguma nr.: 23010402
 - Prof. Aigars PētersonsVPP turpinājumam
Assessment of the social and economic values of climate impact, adaptation to climate changes and adaptation opportunities in neighbourhoods in Riga and Latvia (sustainable development of neighbourhoods in Riga)
Līguma nr.: 2/EEZLV02/14/GS/007
 - Mārtiņš MenniksEEA and Norway Grants
Association of skeletal and soft tissue dismorphism of facial jaw deformations with stability of treatment outcomes
Līguma nr.: RSU ZP 07/2013
 - Prof. Ilga UrtāneRSU Grants
Attraction of a new scientific group for synergistic research for the development of bone tissue regenerating nanostructured composite materials
Līguma nr.: 2013/0007/1DP/
 - Līga Bērziņa-Cimdiņa (RTU)EU Structural Funds
Automated hand washing quality control and quality evaluation system with real-time feedback
Līguma nr.: lzp-2020/2-0309
 - Asst. Prof. Oļegs SabeļņikovsFundamental and applied research programme
Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence (BBCE)
Līguma nr.: 763721
Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence (BBCE), Phase I
Līguma nr.: 763721
 - Asst. Prof. Ilze ŠalmaES Programmes
Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence, Phase II
Līguma nr.: 857287
 - Assoc. Prof. Dace BandereES Programmes
Baltic Cities tackle lifestyle related diseases (BaltCityPrevention)
Līguma nr.: #R045
 - Assoc. Prof. Inese Gobiņa, Aigars MiezītisES Programmes
Biomarkers for early diagnosis of bladder tumor
Līguma nr.: lzp-2020/2-0104
 - Asst. Prof. Miki Nakazawa-MiklaševičaFundamental and applied research programme