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The ISA’s mission is to represent, serve, and help improve the lives of international students at RSU. The ISA co-operates with the RSU Student Union, the International Department, and the Deans of different faculties in order to help all our students with any queries or problems that they may have during their study time here.

Our primary aims

  • To implement and maintain efforts to facilitate the integration of International and Latvian students in the RSU student community

  • To provide information, offer advice and speak to the appropriate departments, within the University, in order to help students with questions or concerns

  • To represent the opinions of the international students in matters affecting their interests at RSU

  • To co-ordinate and organize academic and social events for students

  • To promote constructive collaboration among students, staff, and organizations at RSU

  • To further the interests of the international community at RSU and promote cross-cultural contacts


Academic events

Teddy Bear Hospital

The Teddy Bear Hospital is a fun program organized by the ISA. International and Latvian students create a hospital setting for the young students of the International schools in Riga. The aim of the event is to alleviate the fears of young children about going on a hospital visit. The children were allowed to treat their teddy bears at a number of different stations e.g. surgery, general practice, X-ray etc. In recent years Teddy Bear Hospital has introduced a “Dental Clinic” which was held by Dentistry students and was a success in educating the young children in oral hygiene. The TBH experience is wonderful for both the University and school students alike.

Shadowing Project

The ISA have recently launched a Shadowing project where students from later semesters have the opportunity to shadow a resident in different departments in the hospital. This is a wonderful experience for medical students to understand how work in the hospital takes place.

Movies and Medicine

The Movies and Medicine project was undertaken by the ISA, with this program medicine related movies are shown in the auditoriums of the University. These evenings combined the interests of people who enjoyed watching a movie but also wanted to learn something about a particular area of medicine whilst watching it. The movie nights also often ended with a talk from an expert in the area on the movie and its accuracy and also about the condition involved in the movie.

Sectio Chirurgica

The Sectio Chirurgica program is a screening of live surgical procedures from Germany. The sessions are interactive and allow the students to witness live operations and dissections. The students also have an opportunity to ask questions in the form of a live chat.

Guest Lectures

ISA is always looking to help students expand their medical interests. Every year the ISA holds several Lectures with top professors from Europe. The lectures cover a wide range of topics and are very popular among the student community.


Social events

The International Students Association holds many social events through the year. The social calendar starts with the Welcome week and the Welcome Week Party! Throughout the year the ISA works with the other national societies at RSU to hold events that showcase the wealth of cultures at this University.

The showcase event of the year is the #WorldWide – Talent & Cultural experience. The ISA organizes a talent show, showcasing the best musical, dance & performance talents from the students at RSU, the event also showcases all the different cultures at our university.

For more information about ISA events, take a look at the ISA Facebook page.



National societies

RSU Asian Society

ASIR – Associazione Studenti Italiani a Riga (Association of Italian students in Riga)

Assyrian Student Association in Riga

RSU British and Irish Society

DSiA – Deutsche Studenten im Ausland (German Students Abroad)

RSU Portuguese Society

Yachad – Jewish/Israeli student society

Polish Student Association


Agape Studenti: Christian student interest group

ANSA – Association of Norwegian Students Abroad: Latvian Branch

EMSA – European Medical Students’ Association

Ibn Sina society

IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students’ Association: Latvian Branch (LAMSA)

KEMSA – Kurdish European Medical Student Association

RiSLO – Riian Suomalaiset Lääketieteen Opiskelijat ry (Finnish Medical Students’ Association in Riga)

SLFSR – Sveriges Läkarförbund Student Riga (Swedish Medical Students' Association in Riga)

Get in touch with us

We are always available for a chat if you have any worries, complaints or suggestions about academic or social affairs. We also welcome any ideas for social events so just drop us a line if you have anything in mind! If you see any of our board members walking around campus, please feel free to have a chat with us then or even just say hello! We are always pleased to meet our students and speak to them.