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Programme Fact File

Study direction:
Health Care
Second level study programme
accredited until
Degree conferred:
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
Language: English
Credit points/ECTS: 200/300
Study location: Rīga
Full time on-site
5 years
36 paid

The study programme provides a platform for the acquisition of the skills required for examination of a patient’s oral cavity and teeth, identification of dental problems and for undergoing complex dental treatment – restorative treatment of a defective tooth or replacement with a dental implant (dental prosthetics). Students also acquire knowledge on how to analyse clinical cases, solve dental problems and master skills for carrying out dental public health activities.


Study environment and methods

Study environment 

Dental students can be proud of one of the most sophisticated study bases in Northern Europe. The dentistry study programme emphasises the importance of first undergoing practice on simulation models prior to working in a clinic in real life conditions. Almost every high-level dental clinic has its own work standards that can only be complied with by graduates with profound theoretical knowledge and regular practical training.

The study process is devoted to the acquisition of profound practical and theoretical knowledge, presentations at workshops, building of dentist-patient and staff relationships and the quality of clinical case presentations.

We pay special attention to the practical training of prospective dentists and offer comprehensive and varied support for the acquisition of practical skills and competences – consultations, classes, individual work with 3D simulation devices and mannequins.

Study methods

The study programme is based on a student-centred approach towards learning where particular attention is devoted to the acquisition of research-based and substantiated knowledge and treatment methods (evidence-based dentistry, medicine) and close cooperation of students with leading dentistry specialists and lecturers.

The five-year long study programme comprises multiple study modes - lectures, workshops, laboratory work, practical classes, clinical practice, anamnesis, presentations of clinical cases, preparation and presentation of research projects. Students have access to PCs, simulation devices and mannequins, multimedia and interactive boards.

Study bases



Course codeStudy course titleOffered byCourse leaderCredit points/ETCS
ORK_009Application of the 3 dimensional technologies in dental practiceAndris Ābeltiņš2 / 3
FK_040Biomaterials in DentistryRenārs Erts1 / 1.5
SL_004BiostatisticsAndrejs Ivanovs2 / 3
ZTMVK_022CariologyInguna Rence-Bambīte6 / 9
KPUMTK_010Civil and Environmental Defense, First AidOļegs Sabeļņikovs2 / 3
PAK_019Clinical Pathological PhysiologyDainis Balodis3 / 4.5
FLK_042Clinical Pharmacology in DentistrySanta Purviņa3 / 4.5
MMK_018Clinics and Morphology of the Diseases of Skin and Oral MucosaIngrīda Čēma3 / 4.5
MMK_004Complex treatment of Oral PathologyIngrīda Čēma3 / 4.5
ZTMVK_024Dental AnatomyAnda Brinkmane2 / 3
ZPK_009Dental Functional AnatomyAldis Vidžis1 / 1.5
ISK_038Dental Problems in Clinical RheumatologyVladimirs Voicehovskis1 / 1.5
AURK_017Disaster Medicine. Toxicology and NarcologyViesturs Liguts1 / 1.5
BUMK_004DNA in VitroErika Nagle2 / 3
ZTMVK_019Effective Communication with Patient in Paediatric DentistryLīga Kroniņa2 / 3
MK_057EmbryologyMāra Pilmane2 / 3
AURK_032Emergency medicineAgnese Ozoliņa1 / 1.5
AUVMK_015Environmental and Occupational HealthŽanna Martinsone2 / 3
CFUBK_064General Medical ChemistryMihails Haļitovs2 / 3
KK_006General SurgeryArtūrs Ozoliņš1 / 1.5
MK_058HistologyMāra Pilmane6 / 9
MK_051Human AnatomyDzintra Kažoka5 / 7.5
BUMK_045Human Molecular BiologyRudīte Koka4 / 6
IUDK_012Infectious DiseasesLudmila Vīksna2 / 3
ZPK_017Integrated DentistryUna Soboļeva8 / 12
ISK_063Internal Diseases and PropaedeuticsVladimirs Voicehovskis4 / 6
VC_104Latvian Language in DentistryInga Laizāne5 / 7.5
MMK_007Manifestation of Systemic Diseases in Oral MucosaIngrīda Čēma1 / 1.5
MUSZKK_003Maxillofacial SurgeryIlze Akota2 / 3
CFUBK_005Medical BiochemistryKalvis Brangulis3 / 4.5
BUMK_016Medical GeneticsErika Nagle3 / 4.5
FK_041Medical Laser PhysicsJevgenijs Proskurins2 / 3
FK_048Medical PhysicsRenārs Erts2 / 3
HZK_003Medical SociologyVents Sīlis2 / 3
VC_063Medical Terminology in LatinAija Zilvestre2 / 3
VC_087Medical Terminology in LatvianInga Laizāne2 / 3
VC_006Medical Terminology in RussianLudmila Jermakoviča2 / 3
BUMK_013Medicinal Plants and their UseRudīte Koka2 / 3
BUMK_018Microbiology, Immunology, VirologyAigars Reinis3 / 4.5
MMK_021Morphoclinical Diagnostics of Oral PathologiesAldis Rozenblats2 / 3
CFUBK_060Normal PhysiologyMaija Rumaka6 / 9
MUSZKK_010Obstructive Sleep Apnoea SyndromeJuris Svaža2 / 3
ZTMVK_035Oral and Maxillofacial Diagnostic RadiologyAnda Brinkmane4 / 6
MUSZKK_021Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery IEgils Korņevs2 / 3
MUSZKK_022Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery IIEgils Korņevs2 / 0
MUSZKK_017Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Anatomy and SurgeryIlze Akota2 / 3
BUMK_022Oral MicrobiologyDagnija Rostoka1 / 1.5
PAK_040Oral MorphologyIlze Štrumfa1 / 1.5
MUSZKK_008Oral SurgeryIlze Akota2 / 3
ORK_011Orthodontics IGundega Jākobsone4 / 6
ORK_012Orthodontics IIGundega Jākobsone2 / 3
ORK_013Orthodontics IIIGundega Jākobsone2 / 3
ORLK_004Otorhinolaryngology in DentistryLigija Ķīse2 / 3
MUSZKK_014Paediatric Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryNatālija Grasmane2 / 3
ZTMVK_044Paediatric Therapeutic Dentistry IAnda Brinkmane6 / 9
ZTMVK_045Paediatric Therapeutic Dentistry IIAnda Brinkmane2 / 3
PEK_006PaediatricsJana Pavāre2 / 3
PAK_006Pathological AnatomyIlze Štrumfa2 / 0
HZK_004Personality PsychologyMāra Grīnfelde2 / 3
HZK_040Philososphical AnthropologyUldis Vēgners2 / 3
REK_188Physiotherapy in dentistryDaina Šmite2 / 3
SUUK_128PilatesAnita Gauruča2 / 3
ZTMVK_021Preclinical and Clinical Course in EndodonticsAnda Mindere-Gūbele5 / 7.5
ZTMVK_008Preclinical and Clinical Course in PeriodontologyInguna Grīnvalde5 / 7.5
ZTMVK_051Preclinical Course in Operative Dentistry ISandra Bērziņa2 / 3
ZTMVK_052Preclinical Course in Operative Dentistry IISandra Bērziņa2 / 3
ZTMVK_053Preclinical Course in Operative Dentistry IIISandra Bērziņa2 / 3
ZPK_018Preclinical Course in Prosthetic Dentistry IGints Krāģis5 / 7.5
ZPK_019Preclinical Course in Prosthetic Dentistry IIAldis Vidžis4 / 6
ZPK_020Preclinical Course in Prosthetic Dentistry IIILinards Grieznis4 / 6
MUSZKK_012Preprotesthic SurgeryĢirts Šalms2 / 0
ZTMVK_046Preventive Dentistry IAnda Brinkmane2 / 3
ZTMVK_047Preventive Dentistry IIAnda Brinkmane1 / 1.5
ZTMVK_048Preventive Dentistry IIIAnda Brinkmane1 / 1.5
ZPK_015Prosthetic Dentistry - ClinicAnda Slaidiņa5 / 7.5
PMUPK_008Psychosomatic Medicine and PsychotherapyGunta Ancāne2 / 3
ZTMVK_049Public Health Care in Dentistry IEgita Senakola2 / 3
ZTMVK_050Public Health Care in Dentistry IIEgita Senakola1 / 1.5
ZF_002Research Paper2 / 3
SUUK_091Sports for HealthIndra Vīnberga2 / 3
ZF_001State Examination0 / 0
ZTMVK_007Therapeutic DentistryInguna Rence-Bambīte4 / 6

Study options following studies

After the successful completion of national examinations you will qualify to be awarded a certificate by the Latvian Dental Association and practice general dentistry. The main employer of RSU graduates is the RSU Institute of Stomatology - the largest dentistry clinic in Latvia with the widest range of services.



Studies at RSU have helped me grow professionally as well as helped to form my character.  During my studies I had the opportunity to gain knowledge and new skills in the ERASMUS+ exchange programme in Norway. My study years have taught me to believe in myself - just when you think you have reached your limit, then you find out that you can do more. Because my aim is to become a high level professional in my speciality, I don't want my growth to stop. 

Karīna Kopmane-Račko, RSU Institute of Stomatology 

Admissions requirements


Further studies

Studies may be continued in the graduate medical training programme:

  • Orthodontics
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics

or in the Doctoral programme Medicine.


Head of Programme

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